The Board of Directors approved the 2015-2016 La Paz Community School tuition structure below for the school year beginning in September of 2015 at the board meeting on Tuesday, January 13th, 2015.  This structure does not include bus transportation, field trips, lunches, uniforms, and basic school supplies.

La Paz Community School Tuition Structure 2015-2016

Grade LevelAnnual
(5% inflation increase from 2014-2015)
Matriculation Fee
(No change from 2014-2015**)
New Student Fee (No change from 2014-2015)Non-Resident/Citizen New Student Fee
(New fee for 2015-2016 school year)
Total Annual Fee-Total Annual Fee-option 1 (Enrollment on or before February 13th, 2015)Total Annual Fee-option 2 (Enrollment after February 13th, 2015)
Grade 11-12 New (Non-Resident)$7,367$500 / $750$1,000$2000$10,867$11,117
Preschool Returning Student$3,028$500 / $750$3,528$3,778
Preschool New Student$3,028$500 / $750$1,000$4,528$4,778
Preschool New Student (Non-Resident)$3,028$500 / $750$1,000$2000$6,528$6,778
k-2 Returning Student$5,408$500 / $750$5,908$6,158
k-2 New Student$5,408$500 / $750$1,000$6,908$7,158
k-2 New Student (Non-Resident)$5,408$500 / $750$1,000$2000$8,908$9,158
Grade 3-5 Returning Student$6,195$500/$750$6,695$6,945
Grade 3-5 New Student$6,195$500/$750$1000$7,695$7,945
Grade 3-5 New Student (Non-Resident)$6,195$500 / $750$1,000$2000$9,695$9,945
Grade 6-10 Returning Student$6,867$500 / $750$7,367$7,617
Grade 6-10 New Student $6,867$500 / $750$1,000$8,367$8,617
Grade 6-10 New Student (Non-Resident)$6,867$500 / $750$1,000$2000$10,367$10,617
Grade 11-12 Returning Student$7,367$500 / $750$7,867$8,117
Grade 11-12 New Student$7,367$500 / $750$1,000$8,867$9,117

*Family Discount: Families with three or more children will pay full tuition for each of their first two children and receive a 10% discount on tuition, matriculation, and investment fund for each additional child

**Matriculation Fees:
$500 (plus corresponding new student fees) All new students accepted in Early Admissions
(Deadline February 6th for new applications)

$500 All returning students who commit to Early Enrollment
(Payment Deadline January 30th for returning families)

$750 (plus corresponding new student fees) Regular Admissions
(Application Deadline April 17th for new families)

$750 Regular Enrollment
(Payment Deadline March 27th for returning families)