The La Paz Community School tuition structure below is for the school year that begins on September 3rd, 2018.  This structure does not include bus transportation, field trips, lunches, uniforms, and basic school supplies.

La Paz Community School Tuition Structure 2018-2019

Grade LevelAnnual Tuition
(Excluding Enrollment
Early Enrollment Fee (by January 26th)
Regular Enrollment Fee (by March 16th) New Student Fee Non-Resident
Non-Citizen Fee
Toddler and Preschool (8am-1pm)$4636$700$1000$1250$2500
Toddler and Preschool (8am-3pm)$5410$700$1000$1250$2500

Returning families who don’t pay enrollment fees by March 16th, 2018 will relinquish their child’s place at La Paz.

The Scholarship Program is available to assist qualified local families that cannot afford to pay more than 50% of the annual fee and requires a detailed financial analysis of family need that includes home visits.  Please communicate with for more information.

The Financial Aid program is available to assist qualified families that cannot legitimately afford to pay a portion (less than 50%) of the annual tuition fee.  Please contact to apply.

Payment Options
The La Paz Business Department does not offer discounts for advance payments as it unfairly treats those members of our community who do not have the financial means to do so.

  • Yearly
      • Full annual tuition paid by July 1, 201
  • Trimesterly
      • 3 equal installments of exactly ⅓ of the annual tuition paid on the following dates
        • July 1, 2018
        • November 1, 2018
        • March 1, 2019
  • Monthly
    • 10 equal installments of exactly 1/10 of the annual tuition paid monthly from July 1, 2018 to April 1, 2019

Late Fees:   Late Charges of (5%) will be applied if not received within 5 business days of the due date.  

Questions?   Contact Karina Ballestero at