The 2014-2015 tuition structure (beginning September 2014) is as follows.  This structure does not include bus transportation, lunches, uniforms, and basic school supplies.

La Paz Community School Tuition Structure 2014-2015

GradeAnnual Tuition* (3% inflation increase from 2013-14)Matriculation Fee (No change from 2013-14**)La Paz Fund*** (No change from 2013-14)Total Annual Fee-Option 1 (Enrollment on or before February 21st, 2014)Total Annual Fee-Option 2 (Enrollment after February 21st, 2014)
6-12 New Student***☮$6,540$500 / $750$1,000$8,040$8,290
Preschool Returning Student***☮$2,884$500 / $750$3,384$3,634
Preschool New Student***☮$2,884$500 / $750$1,000$4,384$4,634
k-1 Returning Student***☮$5,150$500 / $750$5,650$5,900
k-1 New Student***☮$5,150$500 / $750$1,000$6,650$6,900
2-5 Returning Student***☮$5900$500/$750$6400$6650
2-5 New Student***☮$5900$500/$750$1000$7400$7650
6-12 Returning Student***☮$6,540$500 / $750$7,040$7,290

*Family Discount: Families with three or more children will pay full tuition for each of their first two children and receive a 10% discount on tuition, matriculation, and investment fund for each additional child

**Matriculation Fees:

  • - $500 All new students accepted in Early Admissions (Deadline February 5th for new applications)
  • - $500 All returning students who commit to Early Enrollment (Deadline February 21st for returning families)
  • - $750 Regular Admissions (Deadline April 18th for new families)
  • - $750 Regular Enrollment (Deadline May 7th for returning families)

***Investment Fund:  Our scholarship program and capital fund are fundamental components of our school and to demonstrate our commitment to these funds each new family is incurred an investment fee of $1000 to the annual fees for each newly enrolled students.  Families can choose which program they would like to dedicate their investment.

****Returning families must pay their corresponding 2014-2015 matriculation by May 7th (February 21st for early enrollment) and have all fees from 2013-2014 paid to ensure enrollment for the 2014-2015 school year.

☮ New Facilities: New construction has commenced and it is confirmed that the 2nd-5th grade will be moving over to the new facilities in September, 2014 thus we have added the $750 new facilities surcharge above.  In the event that more grades are able to occupy the new facilities, a surcharge of $750 will be added to the fees of any grade level (prek-1) that moves to the new South campus for the 2014-2015 school year.