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La Paz Community School Amazon Wish List

Are you looking for a small and easy way to contribute to La Paz? Do you have friends or family visiting that have room in their luggage and can afford to bring something down for our school?  The Amazon Wish List is regularly updated by our teachers with the various supplies that they need in order to better and more effectively teach our children.  This is an opportunity for you to contribute in a very meaningful way to the success of La Paz Community School! amazon_wish_list2


(Another easy way to give to La Paz via Amazon is using Amazon Smile. Simply order through Amazon Smile, select “World Children’s Project” in Eugene, OR as your charity and a percent of anything you purchase will come back to La Paz Community School.)



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La Paz Community School uses QuickSchools to process attendance, grades, and prepare invoices for tuition.  You can access all of this information online by following the link below.

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La Paz Wiki – Homework, assignments, projects, and info. for grades 7-12
La Paz Facebook Page – What’s happening at La Paz?
Families of La Paz Facebook Group – Stay connected, get help, ask questions, and be a part of the online community of families at La Paz Community School.  Need a ride to school? Want to advertise your business? Need help finding a mechanic? Ask the La Paz Community and get the help and support you need.
Surf Team Facebook Group – Stay in touch with the La Paz Surf Club and see photos, videos, and updates on competitions, practices, and club events!
Order From Mandarina Online – You can now order food for your child (or yourself) from Mandarina via your computer, tablet, smartphone etc. No more paper sheets, children carrying money, orders lost or misinterpreted. You can pay with Bank Transfer or Credit Card. (Please see instructions here.)

INSURANCE!  For International, Regional Health, Life, Auto, Home, Commercial, Projects, and more please visit  506-2653-4300 Office across from Automercado Tamarindo