The Arts

Art CritiqueCreativity and innovation are the essence of 21st century leadership.  With knowledge readily available thanks to the worldwide web, 21st children or “digital natives” are challenged with the concept of how to process, apply, and create with this knowledge.  As such, The Arts are embedded into the La Paz experience as a core course from k-12.

Visual Arts Program Overview

12072546_155863151431982_8412197397776373067_nThe Visual Arts education experience may include, but is not limited to, drawing, painting, ceramic arts/pottery, sculpture, 2D design, 3D design, photography, printmaking, graphic arts, media arts (film, video, TV, animation, digital), textiles, jewelry, glass arts, and the (IB) International Baccalaureate Visual Arts in both, Standard and Higher Level learning.  The Visual Arts Program at La Paz Community School is designed to prepare students for the International Baccalaureate Visual Arts diploma. The program is divided into four stages to better-fit appropriate grade level learning and artistic capabilities. Students will learn the basics of Art & Design, appropriate art vocabulary, various artistic styles, and learn about influential artists and movements. Students will have the opportunity to work with a wide range of mediums (painting, sculpture, drawing, woodworking, video editing, etc.). Upon completion of the program, students will develop a deeper appreciation for the arts and it’s contribution to our daily life.  All students are required to have a sketchbook for documentation and creative growth purposes.

12088522_155865354765095_3588458778705088641_nProgram Goals

  • Inspire creative minds and an appreciation art
  • Connect how the arts influence and reflects cultures, place and time
  • Prepare students for International Baccalaureate program in Visual Arts
  • Recognize different art genres, and styles of various artists and cultures
  • Understands and applies arts concepts and vocabulary
  • Master the elements of art and principles of design
  • Experience multiple media, techniques and tools
  • Successful application of the creative process  
  • Develop a lifelong appreciation for visual art
  • Connect how the arts influence and reflects cultures, place and time
  • Association how the arts knowledge and skills are used in the work force

Learn more about the La Paz Art Program by clicking on this link.

Visit the La Paz Art Facebook page to see more.

Music Program Overview:

The ArtsThis program is intended to convey to the mind of the child and young adult, clear and simple knowledge that everything surrounding humans is musical.

Through reading and learning content via a variety of mediums including the voice, percussion, yukelele, marimba, and electronic recordings, they will realize that life is permeated by music. This program is intended to mark a step forward in learning music, so that no child of La Paz is left without this fundamental experience of enjoying this beautiful art which is essential to the spiritual greatness and cultural prosperity of Costa Rica.  The program seeks primarily to comprehensively develop the musical training of La Paz students, with creativity, cultural awareness, along with intellectual and physical participation in each of the acts of daily life in one universal language of music.

Program Goals:

  • Become aware of the importance of music education.
  • Develop the voice, the auditory sense, and rhythm.
  • Develop the capacity of expression and communication through rhythm, dance, body movement and music.
  • Use music as an integral element in other areas of knowledge.
  • Awaken musical sensitivity in children that fosters the love and appreciation of music.
  • Outline an empirical order of rhythmic, body, melodic and listening activities designed for musical education in early childhood education.
  • Use voice and body as instruments
  • Develop musical and dramatic representation and communication, and thus contribute to emotional balance and relationship with others.
  • Engage in intercultural discourse through music education,
  • Promote music as an integrator and value enhancer
  • Create spaces where students can present and develop their skills and talents on a stage (Learn more about the Coffee House for secondary school and Juice Box primary school)

Drama and Dance:

dramaThe La Paz Drama and Dance programs are still in their early stages of development.  In grades k-6 Drama is a requirement and shortly a full time dedicated drama teacher will be hired to develop a comprehensive prek-12 program.  Students wishing to further explore the performing arts are fortunate to engage in highly technical local programs including the Beachnuts Theatre ( and the Movement Dance Studio (