Volunteer at La Paz


Earn college credit through Omprakash Edge while volunteering at La Paz!  Contact us at volunteer@lapazschool.org and click here to learn more.

Since our foundation in 2007, La Paz Community School has created a thriving volunteer program. At any given time there is a volunteer somewhere on campus working in small groups with students, leading whole classes or helping us with the day to day projects that keep our school running smoothly.  The program has been so successful because of the caliber of volunteers that have chosen La Paz to dedicate their time, talents and creativity to.  We are also very grateful for our talented staff that have created amazing learning experiences for our volunteers.

Do you want to volunteer at La Paz Community School? Send your resume to volunteer@lapazschool.org!

One of the most rewarding parts of our volunteer program is our homestay option.  Our homestay families are chosen carefully from La Paz scholarship recipients.  Host families welcome volunteers into their home while providing room and board Costa Rica style. This is a wonderful opportunity to become fully emerged into the Costa Rican language, culture and people.

Our volunteers come from all walks of life. Some of our volunteers are just out of high school, looking for a meaningful way to spend their “leap year”. We often welcome graduate students and students who just finished college looking for a way to gain experience that will help them professionally. Many of our volunteers are licensed, trained and experienced teachers looking for a way to share their craft and also learn from our staff. We welcome all people to La Paz, each will have something to share with us and we hope to make an impact on them as well.

Here are what some past volunteers say about our program:

“While I was at La Paz, I felt welcomed by all of the staff, students, and parents I met during my stay, and I thoroughly enjoyed being able to be a part of this very unique school.”–  Alison S., USA


“I will never forget ‘my’ kids, and I just wish and hope that they’ll remember me.”– Sophia B., Sweden

” Volunteering at La Paz has taught me….the warm sense of family — the love and the care that makes each of us feel like a part of something bigger, something global — is what pumps the blood of this school. And although the teachers — a wonderful, passionate, absolutely gifted group of individuals — set the time and pace of learning, it’s the students who keep those four words (self, family, community, world) illuminated, glowing brighter and brighter until they simply read: La Paz. – Allison B., USA

“Volunteering at La Paz was a fantastic experience.  I loved the school and my host family.” -Lachlan K., New Zealand