La Paz Mascot Logo¡Vamos Tiburones!  La Paz proudly displays one of the ocean’s most important and threatened species on their athletic uniforms in order to raise awareness for an already volatile topic in Costa Rica which is the finning of sharks.  Developed by the students to represent the essential role that the shark plays in our fragile ocean ecosystem, the unique balance of strength, fearlessness, and relative peacefulness of this highly stigmatized creature contributes to the significance of the shark as the La Paz mascot.

12049310_1195667983783508_7398189046985277703_nTeam competitions are part of the essence of a child’s development.  Demonstrating the perseverance necessary to improve, the growth mindset necessary to learn from failure, and the integrity necessary for fair play are crucial components to an effective primary and secondary experience.  The inauguration of the Gold Coast League in January of 2016 has dramatically increased the access to a regular venue for regulated academic, social, and athletic experiences among local schools.


12049217_1195193960497577_4163534589769658575_nThe La Paz Soccer Program is divided into three groups including K-3, 4-6, and 7-12.  The K-6 programs are generally Co-Ed while the secondary school program is separated Boys and Girls.  Practices occur year round with a focused season from January to April.



988770_10151744333036659_487736147_nAlong with soccer, surfing is the activity of choice in coastal Guanacaste.  The La Paz Surf Club begins regular session on Friday mornings from January to June and higher level surfers participate in the Guanacaste Interscholastic Surf Circuit on an annual basis beginning in February.


The La Paz Basketball Program is divided into a primary school and secondary school team with a focused season scheduled for September-December.