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Cafe La Paz LogoCafe La Paz provides our community with tasty and healthy food alternatives that will stimulate them to make progressive improvements in their food eating habits. In order to do that, we rely on our knowledge and passion for cooking as well as the bounty of fresh ingredients available locally.

Menu Flexibility

Cafe La Paz3We understand that kids today want to participate first hand in the events that involve them, such as eating. They are becoming more health conscious every day. We have devised a tentative survey ticket that will serve as an indicator of what the students expectations and thoughts are, and it will be used as an instrumental tool to improve the lunch experience. Special dates like Halloween, Thanksgiving and End of the Year , will be celebrated with allegoric dishes. We will look forward to introduce our students to different cultures, traveling the world through our food tasting journey.

Dietary restrictions

cafe la paz2Our menu plans are made trying to keep everybody in mind, but there might be certain foods that some of our students do not consume. We encourage parents to talk to us , so we can find a solution together.

Chef Jackye and Raul Salas
Credentials & experience

  • cafe la pazExclusive representation of Andean Valley’s quinoa products in the North Pacific Area.
  • Hosts of the radio podcast “Sabores y Aromas desde Costa Rica”, aired by Radio Nova Internacional every Friday at 11am.
  • Chefs and owners of Eden Group LTDA, Costa Rica, caterers and private chefs.
  • Certified Culinarians, members of the American Culinary Federation.
  • Servesafe certified by the National Restaurant Association with Nutrition and Kitchen
  • The last 12 years of experience working as culinary professionals with our former catering business, Chef Productions LLC, in the South East Florida area, include:
  • Grand opening and rehearsals Miami Marlins Stadium, 3 days, 2,500 lunches and snacks served
  • Ocean Drive Magazine Fashion Extravaganza 2007 and 2008, Villages of Merrick Park, live cooking, 1,000 people served
  • Caterers for charitable events and galas such as the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Key to the Cure, Saint Jude Hospital, Amigos for Kids, Make a Wish Foundation and The Liver Foundation. Miami Children Hospital, food catering for cancer patients summer camp 2010- 2011.
  • Hosts in healthy cooking TV segments , produced and aired by CNN Latino, Tele Miami,
    Catering for Open Valley Day Care, Pembroke Pines, Florida, 80 meals per day.. 2005/2006
  • United Health Care named Jackie Salas the Chef for the “Savor your Health” national campaign oriented to older adults for two consecutive seasons 2012-2013, in Miami and Los Angeles.
  • Chef Jackie Salas was dedicated the 2012 Hispanic Chef of the Year award by the Women in Arts Foundation of Miami, and was also recognized by the department of Potosi, Bolivia, with the distinction of being a pioneer Latin chef in the use of Quinoa in Miami, at the” Year of the Quinoa” celebrations held in the Salar de Uyuni in 2013


Healthy, easy to digest, nutritious and tasty food provides an essential foundation for good behavior and better learning across the school community. We present to you this sample Menu for your consideration and welcome your ideas or suggestions.

Cafe La Paz

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