The Peace Practices

Peace PracticesLa Paz Community School students analyze, reflect upon, and continuously live the four Peace Practices. These practices are outlined on the uniform that they wear each day to school. The practices are the essence of a La Paz education and it is expected that upon graduation, all students internalize and understand the complex meaning behind each “practice.”

  • Develop the self into a peaceful, lifelong learner by improving physical and mental well being through critical thought and extension of comfortable limits.
  • Cultivate peace amongst family and community by disseminating and sharing love and compassion.
  • Create peace within the community by preserving the environment and respecting the delicate balance between local and foreign cultures.
  • Spread peace throughout the world by effectively communicating thoughts and ideas as well as actively listening to all perspectives.


La Paz Problem Solving Wheel

The La Paz Problem Solving Wheel