Model United Nations

Model United Nations (MUN) consists of a simulation of the conferences held in the United Nations, in which numerous delegations from different countries are part of different committees, where issues of global current relevance are discussed.  La Paz students consistently have earned top honors at these conferences due to their ability to effectively and confidently communicate in a bilingual setting with students from other public and private schools in Costa Rica and around the world.
MUNFor International Baccalaureate students to attend a Model United Nations is a positive step for personal and educational growth that we are looking for at La Paz Community School. Students are engaged as positive leaders, willing to participate in discussions that are generated in the classroom; creating an atmosphere of awareness and healthy debate where diverse perspectives are shared. MUN strengthens qualities such as inquiry and analysis and even more important the ability for students to openly comment and express their opinions about global issues that one way or another may relate back to the students very own neighborhood in rural Guanacaste, making the student an active citizen and an agent of change in their community.